To: Martin Elton, Director, Loadtek Instruments Ltd
From: Antony Dean
Date: 15-11-99
Re: Your CONTINUED illegal actions (3 pages)

Since you have CONTINUED to ignore my emails and faxes, I am left with no option but to fax you at your place of work, again. Attached please find:

I remain totally disgusted with you actions and it is going to have to stop. I still cannot fathom how you think you can possibly get away with it all!

You have seriously damaged my own business, it is becoming clear to me that the situation you have placed me in makes it untenable for me to continue. I have little to lose now (because you have taken most of it!). I will now publicise all the facts surrounding the Loadtek debacle, whether you like it or not, whether you come to agreement or not. You are no longer the issue - the truth is. The general public including our customers, suppliers, employers and clients deserve to know what is going on - if they are at all interested.

I have no intention to enter into a "smear campaign" as I have the facts on my side. Please keep this in mind if you wish to make idle threats (defamation etc), as it can only prove that you are wrong. Be in no doubt that I have more than enough facts to demonstrate who is wronging who and protect myself in the process, despite any opportunistic hopes you may have for the contrary. Facts, witnesses, records, timesheets, photos, emails, signed agreements - it just goes on!

As I get time, I will also prepare for XXXXXXXX a clear explanation of your past role in the loads project, exactly how it relates to them, and what you are currently doing wrong. For instance, they might be interested to know that you are supplying them with stolen goods (from Loadtek). This is not a threat, it is a fact, as I have withheld the full truth for long enough and see no point in continuing to do so. They may not care, as it is clear they are relying on you to some extent to provide their loads and probably have a reasonable idea anyway, but the truth will simply allow them to make a more informed decision.

If you think I am in the wrong then I would really appreciate a reply!

Antony Dean.



From: Antony Dean (ADX Electronics, Loadtek Instruments Ltd)

Date: 14-11-99

Re: The situation with Loadtek Instruments Ltd

I'm writing this fax as you requested to clarify the situation with Loadtek Instruments Ltd, and an outstanding payment of $706.32 owing to XXXXX.

As you already know, Martin Elton (director and 50% shareholder of Loadtek Instruments Ltd) has set up in opposition to Loadtek without my or Loadtek's consent. An amicable split was intended (as our differing approaches to running a business were becoming obvious), however early August he decided he would just take everything. I can only conclude that he is relying on my lack of finances to act above the law (which is very clearly what he is doing). You will find the official story on Loadtek's web site,, which I intend to update as necessary.

However, it goes quite a bit deeper than this, and without going into details (as Martin has threatened defamation action against me), I am certain that I have been the victim of a serious abuse of trust - in addition to being somewhat naive. Note that I think Martin believes he is doing little wrong, and his explanations for what he is doing sound quite plausible on the surface. He has complete faith in the "power of positive thought" - understanding this really is the key to dealing with Martin without risk!

From the above, you can see why I do not wish to play into Martin's hands by signing a cheque, simply to make things easier for him. It is also possible he has some ulterior motive - according to him Loadtek has "ceased trading" (he even fabricated meeting minutes to "prove" this) and believes it now allows him to operate in conflict with Loadtek (which is incorrect anyway). Although I can't possibly imagine how my signing a cheque could be used to his advantage, I have learnt not to do anything "in good faith" for Martin or I will very likely get burnt.

Martin refuses to meet with me to address Loadtek's serious issues, and this has to be more urgent than paying bills. Whatever happens, I will personally make sure XXXXX gets paid $706.32 for the cases, it just may take some time as it really relies on Martin making a decision.